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Hey guys, a couple weeks ago I didn’t even know about Teespring.

Now i’m pulling in 5 figures in profit from it.

More and more threads started popping up about Teespring.

At first I brushed it off because “how much money could there be in t-shirts?”

Well I was wrong. People were posting crazy stats and my jaw dropped.

I had to get in on the action… So I did.

I’d like give a shoutout to PPC-coach because it was his thread that got me into this.

I hit the ground running – testing shirt designs like I did my ads.

Split testing different shirt designs for the best conversion rate before I scaled it up.

I was profiting right off the bat. Never lost a single dollar from the start.

I think it was because of the nature the demographic I was targeting – they were very responsive.

The best part about this method is that it’s very easy to understand

the concept so it’s very newbie friendly.

I hope that those of you guys that haven’t made money

yet will jump on this guide and actually take some action.

I’ll lay everything out for you, just do it.

Background Information:

This method takes advantage of the current events.

In the past couple years, there have been over 10 revolutions all in different countries.

More people are online now and communication has never been easier.

It’s getting harder for oppressive governments to stay in power.

Facebook is a huge reason as to why these revolutions gained traction.

When a revolution breaks out in an oppressed 3rd world country,

the government basically puts the media on lockdown and does not allow

for TV stations to report on anything that could potentially hurt the current power.

So where can the people get all their information from?

From other people on Facebook.

This happened in Syria, Egypt, and now is happening in Cambodia and in Thailand.

The Cambodian revolution is a HUGE topic on Facebook right now.

Take a look at this screenshot:

See that second Facebook page? (I Love Cambodia Hot News II)

There are more people talking about that page than there are likes for it.

It’s just insane. There’s a huge potential for a viral post if you approach it the right way

I’ll be focusing on Cambodia and the revolution happening there right now for this campaign guide.

I’ve made close to $14k (all profit) from Cambodia so far in the past 2 weeks and there’s more money to be made.

So I’ll break this campaign guide into steps and will go over each step in detail.

Keep up with the news.

I’m always up to date with the current news. In this industry,

knowledge is power. Knowledge gives you the competitive edge.

What you know that the other guy doesn’t might be the difference between profiting and not profiting.

Check your favorite news website everyday. Just 5 minutes of glancing

at the articles in the morning and again at night. If something catches your eye,

just read it. This is how I heard about the Cambodian revolution.

Doing proper research.

Don’t just read a news article about it, you need to find out the real reason

as to why the people are so mad. The best place to do this is to see what the

people are saying themselves, on Facebook. Find relevant and hot Facebook

pages and read the comments. Look for posts with hundreds of comments.

Those are usually the “debate” posts where people argue. Read the arguments

and take note of the discussion.

For the Cambodian revolution, the topics that got people riled up the most

was “Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia”.

They hate their Prime Minister and are actively protesting to get him out of office.

There are a couple reasons as to why they hate him:

  • He is among the richest in Asia. His money comes from corruption from within the government.
  • Cambodia is one of the slowest country to develop due to government corruption. Their neighbors, Thailand and Vietnam are decades ahead of them in terms of development and they resent that.
  • Between 1985 and 1993, he regularly tried to grab the power to keep it to himself. In 1998 he succeeded and became the one and only Prime Minister of Cambodia. And he’s been in office since.
  • He is a former communist (Khmer Rouge)

I used these facts as my selling points/angle for my shirt designs – and it worked great.

Creating the shirt

Here’s one of the shirts I’ve made.

This t-shirt got both love and hate, which was a good thing.

It sparked conversation, shares, likes, debates, etc. The point is that it got people talking.

*Take note at the shared-to-like ratio.

This is not my best converting shirt design, but it had the most shares and comments.

Running it on Facebook Ads

Running it is straightforward. The shirt design will have the most impact on your CTR.

I suggest you create 3-4 drastically different shirt designs, then take a look at it’s

CTR and comments it’s getting. Use the comments as feedback and keep it in mind

as you’re designing your next shirt.

The shirt that I showed you above didn’t always look that way.

I didn’t spend very much at all. I got the ball rolling with FB Ads, but 90% of the traffic

was viral. I put in about $800 total.

It’s also important to note that during this campaign, things took a turn for the

worst in Cambodia. The governing forces started attacking and killing protesters

and the outcry was just insane. Facebook activity jumped up a lot during this period.


I targeted those Facebook pages that I showed you above in the screenshot,

among other relevant pages. Other than targeting by interest, I kept the targeting

pretty simple. I didn’t increment age groups (I left it at 18 – No Max) and I didn’t

split test by location. I didn’t even segment the interests into groups. It was just

one big giant group for each ad campaign – which is something you usually shouldn’t do.


I created 7 different shirts and set the campaign time for each of them at 2 days.

At the end of the two days (and about $250 in testing), I could see that two of

the shirt designs had a much higher conversion rate than the others.

I wanted to see if I could get a higher conversion rate if I built a little landing

page for it, featuring 6 of the shirt designs. Kinda like an e-commerce style page

(like this page for example), but it was just a one page and the links lead to teespring.


I thought that if they can choose the design they wanted,

i’ll probably see a higher overall conversion rate. I tested this and found that my

conversion rate was lower if I went

that route. So I just went back to linking each ad to their respective teespring campaign.


I spent about $800 and made $13,892. That’s a huge ROI. I probably put in

about 4-5 hours of work total for this campaign.

There you go guys. I basically gave you my campaign. I’m still running this, right now.

This isn’t some old-rehashed campaign guide that doesn’t work anymore, it’s actually

making me money right now. You can apply the concept of this campaign into so many

other things. I hope this can be a call to action for some of you guys who haven’t taken

action yet. Just do it.

You might ask why I’m releasing a campaign I’m still running – well, there are already

a couple copycats who pretty much copied my shirt designs and is promoting it to the

same audience that I am. So I figured, what the hell, if its about to get saturated then

i’ll just unleash the floodgates and ruin it for them too. Oh and this also my gift to you guys .

Enjoy and good luck!

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