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Seo Mobile Marketing = Seo Google Play

The smartphone market has been grown up to that level where it is necessary to manage a store of apps so that a user can make a quick search. The Android market is now known as “Google Play”, a store for highlighting android apps where millions of apps like music, eBooks, games, news, lifestyle and many more are showcased and can be downloaded. This marketplace has opened doors for android smart phones and tablets users to access, view and download millions of apps at one place.

Now you can say Google has changed the game as it is marketing Google Play with Android OS. With thousands of applications available on Google Play, it proves itself a very competitive market place. It can be rather more difficult to compete in such a crowded place. This is where the concept of Google Play Optimization steps in. It is similar to search engine optimization and has certain parameters that comes up as an advantage for an app.

Key parameters that can make your app shine on Google Play are:

Name of App – The most relevant factor that can make your app visible in search results. Optimize the app name with a catchy word/phrase which describes the best of your app.

App Icon – With no doubt an app icon is one of the important factors in optimization. An icon should be according to what app is all about. Design an app icon in such a way that it catches an eye easily. A front faced icon is the best so do not make it in a 3D angle.

Screenshots – The best way to tell a user about your app is to use screenshots of the app. This will clearly display the functionality of app that lets a user to get familiar with the app.

Category – Choosing a right category can also help in making your app visible in searches on Google Play. A user will always search in a most appropriate category so make sure your app lies under the most suited category where it is supposed to be.

Keywords – Keywords play a very important role in the optimization of an app. Use the most suitable keywords for your app that have a good search volume. Use of popular search terms related to your app can prove to be beneficial for your app.

Description – Great text is a key to success! All you need is to have unique content that is what can make people to install your app. Make a smart use of this field and provide crisp and most descriptive information about your app. A brief introduction, features, functionalities and benefits are to be focused.

Videos – Videos are now an emerging trend when it comes to the marketing of an app. Making use of an optimized app video that includes a visual representation of what app does is a great idea for showcasing the best of your app to users.

There are lot many other factors like ratings, reviews, number of installs that enhances the popularity of your app on Google Play. But to achieve these you need to focus upon all the above mentioned factors. The app volume is enormous in this grooming mobile industry but the concept of Google Play Optimization is new. This frontier has opened doors for people who knows how to leverage the potential of SEO and social media and hence assuring their app’s popularity on Google Play as well!


By  Soft Prodigy

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