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Revolution !!! Seo the Mobile Marketing! ASAP!!!

Read it carefully because it can change your life!


Ok, I don’t like to waste time on teaching theory to you,

I only release the things which can really make money for you.

This is my style.


It’s no secret that the future is mobile !

Mobile Marketing is like Internet Marketing,

In fact,when it comes to mobile marketing,there are two main methods .

One is advertising another one is seo.

People usually use some mobile traffic like buzzcity,leadbolt to promote cpa mobile offers,  the most effective traffic source is adwords,I have written very clearly in cpa10k.


The other method is seo the mobile marketing.  No one else know this method.

If anyone know this method and take action,he will make a  lot of money like me!

I will tell you this secret here.


Let’s get straight to the point!
Forget about internet marketing and forget about IOS!

Just work on android! (Because Apple is arrogant ,it will not accept your apps and you can’t seo on Apple)

Android is open ,you can make big money from that.

googleplay is like google.

Everyone know that seo the internet marketing can make money
but nobody except me know that seo the mobile marketing can make big money!

I will show you how to seo the mobile marketing.

Core: Occupy the how keywords with your apps.

1. Find the hot keywords, you can use many keyword tool,you will try the easiest one.

Open yahoo.com

Input dating



You can occupy these keywords on googleplay with you apps.


2. How to Create apps?

You can use this one-click magic service!

Just one click!

You don’t need to create an app like  angrybird to occupy the keywords.

You just need:

1. Setup a mobile site with mobile wordpress theme or mobile templates.

(If you don’t have any mobile wordpress theme you can get some here)

2. Use this one-click service to change your mobile website into an app.

You can change the domain name like www.yourdomainname.com or a subdomian  sub1.youdomainname.com  or  www.yourdomainname.com/sub2

into an app.

3. Upload these apps with the hot keywords as their names to  googleplay! You are seo the mobile marketing!

4. How to make money?

People will download and install your apps,!

You can put affiliate links on your websites,

You can update your websites.

People will often visit your mobile websites via the apps !

Click your ads or sign up your cpa offers or buy the products which you promote….


You will make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


This method really works!

Try this one-click magic service before it launch and the price increase.

Sample: Download this sample click here





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