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Congratulations! We know “Privacy Simplified” will make a huge difference to your business!
It’s obvious to us that you’re a responsible online marketer focused on protecting your business, so…
For a limited time we’re offering our Online Legal Pages solution at a $25 off discount, only for those who invested in “Privacy Simplified.”
All details are below. Make sure to watch our video that shows Lory protecting a website in under 5 minutes!
Former U.S. Judge Breaks Her Silence:

If Your Legal Forms Aren’t Updated For 2014, You Could Be Slapped With A Warning Letter On January 1 (And That’s Just The Beginning…)

What Can Happen To You?
Major changes are happening in the world of website compliance, starting January 1, 2014. Should your website be found in breach of federal or state laws (more on that in a minute), any of the following could happen to you:
You can be sued
You can be forced to pay Court costs
You can be shutdown
You can be forced to pay Attorney’s fees
You can have your content “legally” stolen
You can be forced to pay Regulatory fines
Your reputation and brand can be damaged
You can face possible Imprisonment
The government can freeze your bank accounts
The government can seize your assets

(It’s no wonder so many people, including at least one of the
most famous internet marketers on the planet, are forced to file
bankruptcy after getting pulled through the legal wringer!)

So if you’re using free legal plugins, ripped off forms, or your legal documents haven’t been updated in the past 6 months, you are putting your online business in serious jeopardy!
Dear Concerned Website Owner:

lory-picMy name is Lory Moore and I’ve sat on the sidelines long enough. For the past few years I’ve watched as internet entrepreneurs and business owners have been thoughtlessly taken advantage of by software developers and others passing themselves off as “legal experts.”

I’m breaking my silence because I’ve seen firsthand what can happen when unsuspecting website owners place their trust in “legal forms” and unqualified software developers who think it’s perfectly fine to distribute generic, out-of-date, and generally inaccurate documents.

But first, a little background about what has led me to this point.

I attended Baylor Law school on a full academic scholarship, where I graduated cum laude. Princeton Law Review in 2013 ranked Baylor Law #1 in the “Most Competitive Students” category, stating “…Baylor’s unique, ultra intense and tough Practice Court Program is arguably the best training ground in the nation for practical lawyering.” (Makes me appreciate the “A” I got in Practice Court – 1 of only 2 given — even more today than 20 years ago. Go Baylor Bears!)

I’ve enjoyed a rich and interesting 23+ year legal career, starting with complex class action litigation (yep, Erin 100_7197.JPG copyBrockovich-type drama and fulfillment, but without the short skirts…). Next, I spent a significant portion of my career as a judge and advocate for medically fragile children and charities. I then started several of my own businesses and grew them online, while also acting as legal counsel and marketing adviser for a multi-national, publicly-traded company.

When I decided to take action and stand up for online entrepreneurs, I reached out to someone I truly respect — Bill Guthrie. I’ve known Bill (first as a customer and now as a partner) for a few years, and he has always struck me as a marketing expert with integrity! With his guidance — and AMAZING WEB DEVELOPMENT TEAM — we’ve created something the likes our community of internet entrepreneurs has never seen!
Grab A Copy Click here

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