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Hedonic Adaptation

Hedonic Adaptation

Hedonic adaptation is where your brain grows accustomed to new titillating stimulation and eventually, that titillating stimulation has less and less effect, so that it doesn’t really have as much punch as it used to the first, second or third time.

For example, back in the early 1900s, if a man saw a woman’s ankles, he would get blown away. He is really turned on. To see a woman’s ankles was very titillating. Because women wore long, long dresses that covered up her legs, covered up her feet, and covered up their ankles. Woman would basically lift up her dress like this, to show on the ankle and that was amazing.

But today you see ankles and legs on television. You see women’s ankles and legs out on the streets. So it has no titillating effect on you anymore.

Instead, what men find titillating are breasts. Breasts are that titillating thing. But if you go down to a nude beach down in South Florida, for example, you see a bunch of naked breasts and at first you are like, “Wow! This is amazing!”   Your brain is getting overload stimulation. “I never saw so many breasts before!”  But after, actually, just a couple hours your brain adapts. It’s not as stimulatory and titillating.  After a few days of going to the same beach it is going to seem normal. Breasts are normal. So your brain adapts; i.e. Hedonic adaptation.

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