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[quote=Kayetee]I understand that you say you are a Clickbank elite member but where is the proof? Where is the proof that you make as much money as you say? Where are the testimonials from people who have made money with you. It’s very easy to say these things but without proof it means nothing.
I am looking to start with paid traffic and have a couple hundred bucks to get started.
[QUOTE=mrrightme][QUOTE=Kayetee]Hi there mrrightme
I have been following your 10k thread for a while now and am very interested in joining you.
I would be keen to see some more reviews and proof that you earn what you say you earn before I jump in. I have been scammed on this forum more than once before and because of this I am very reluctant to purchase anything anymore without doing some research first.
Dont get me wrong, you certainly seem to be an honest, legitimate guy/girl but if you can show me some more info it will certainly help my decision.
Many thanks

Hi,I am clickbank elite member,I have certification .
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What about your experience?
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After you make some money with free traffic,then try paid traffic.[/QUOTE][/QUOTE]
Hi, I have got 2 certifications from clickbank 

but at this moment it is not that easy to get profits from clickbank in the traditional way,

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