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This Thing Never Happen Again![...]

Reasons Why Google Play store may supersede Apple App Store

A user’s choice of mobile apps often depends on his mobile device and operating system. Each user has options to choose from loads of apps to suit his specific needs. Some of these mobile apps are free, whereas oth[...]

How to take screenshots for google play?

If you plan to publish your application to Google Play, you will be required to take at least two screenshots of your application.     Getting setup to take screen shots for the first time on older versions of[...]

Promoting Your Apps

Promoting Your Apps After you publish your app, you can bring Android users to your app’s product details page by providing links in your social network posts, ad campaigns, app reviews and articles, your web site,[...]

Upload to googleplay (Tutorial with pictures)


How to upload app to googleplay?

Once you’ve registered, it’s easy to upload your application to Google Play. From the home screen of the Google Play Developer Console, select Add new application. You’ll be asked to fill in the foll[...]