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The Size Factor

On a mobile screen the most important thing that matters is size. As an advertiser, you are already in confrontation mode with users – your ads are literally blocking their view, preventing them from enjoying that game or reading that web page.

So what can you do?

First off, understand your audience. Find out what kinds of phones they use, the OS, OS version, screen size, and average network speed.

Next, decide on what types of ads you are going to use. For banner ads, files should be in GIF (people tend to hate excessive GIF animations), JPG, or PNG formats. For rich media ads, recommended formats are JavaScript, GIF, and HTML5.

For banner ads, some of the choices that you have are:

Mobile leaderboard, which fills the width of a smartphone screen (320×50)
Large mobile banner, which is double the width of the mobile leaderboard (320×100)
Small square (200×200)
Square (250×250)
Medium rectangle (300×250)
If you want to advertise on feature phones with older WAP browsers, you will have to pick other choices, such as:

Single and double text ads (single has only one ad, double has two ads stacked on top of one another)
Image ads at 6:1 aspect ratio (e.g. 216×36, 168×28, 192×53)
Image ads at 4:1 aspect ratio (e.g. 300×75, 216×54,168×42)

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