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I have tried bing ads traffic for a long time, I find that bing ads content traffic is not very good.

Bing said that :

Currently, content ads are only available to advertisers who run campaigns in the U.S., Canada and Latin America. In the U.S. and Canada only, content ads can be displayed on:


  • MSN webpages, such as Healthy LivingMoney and Travel.
  • NBC Universal, such as NBC.com and Bravotv.com.
  • Syndication partners, such as The Wall Street Journal and ABC.
  • Yahoo webpages, such as yahoo news, yahoo finance, yahoo movies and yahoo autos.
  • Yahoo syndication partners, such as MTV, VH1 and WebMD.


In Latin America, content ads can only be displayed on:


  • Yahoo webpages, such as yahoo newsyahoo financeyahoo movies and yahoo autos.


However, advertisers from around the world can use content ads to help add traffic to their U.S. and Canada campaigns.


According to what it said,we can know, the content ads can be displayed in those website, however, Yesterday I got content


1966 clicks and ZERO conversion,     so ,  Don’t use content  any more, just focus on “Search” traffic.

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