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2016 Happy New Year! About My First Dollar (Real Story!) & December List!

Hi,guys ,Happy New Year!

I hope 2016 Could Be Your Best Year!
I think with my help,

you will make more money in 2016 than you ever have before!

Before the December Keyword List, I would like to talk about today’s “Newbie
Make Money”

This guy is Saavy who joined my Lifetime Coach System



$350 or $400 is too little,right ?

I think maybe I should give him a slap in his face and ask him
“why did you make so little even you join my coach system?”

However, I remember something about myself, I find this guy did better than me,

he will surpass me if he work hard!

Let’s check my first dollar!

Back to 2008, I was a student who knew nothing about Internet Marketing.
I met neobux by chance,it is a “pay to click” website,

I joined it and started to click ads, in 2008, $0.01 per ads, only 4 ads per day in neobux  !
but I was very interested in it and  I want to make sure if I can make money online,I signed up a lot of similar websites and click the ads constantly when I was free.

During this process,some scam website disappeared,I thought of giving up,but I
decided to persist in the end.

At last ,although some scam websites were down and disappeared but I made my
first dollar in October 26, 2008 from neobux

Yes,just $1.97 ,it is too too little, not enough for me to buy a hamburger.
but you know what ? This little money gave me big confindence !
I began to believe that I also can make money online!

Then I started to work hard,played truant,skipped all the classes,began sitting in
front of the computer from moring to night,learning everthing about IM, try
everything about IM…..

From clicking ads for neobux to clickbank,from cj to cpa, from plimus to
regnow,from seo to adwords,from newbie to Clickbank Apex Elite Member…….

Finally,I became a millionaire in 2010 when I was a student,then bought hourse
and got married in 2011 when I graduated. After that I hired many employees and
started to run company .

Time flies, I am super affiliate now and I have helped hundreds of newbies to make
money. I also the leader of two companies, one is tech company,the other one is
wedding company.

$2,000 + in one day is easy for me,but I have to say, the first dollar is more
imporant than $2,000 or $10k per day,because the first dollar is your confidence!

Back to neobux, 8 years later ,this “pay to click” website is still alive, and I asked one
of my employees to click the ads for me everyday, not for money but for …..

For what ?
I am a nostalgic person and I never give up!
This is why I am different from other guys, I don’t like to launch a product ,throw it
to the buyers,discard it then launch another ,I will continue to update my products
according to my own practice!

Many people ask me question about Clickbank Emperor Forever

“Will you give out June list? ”
“Is there October list ?”
“December list ,any luck ?”

Yes! Yes, I will update Clickbank Emperor Forever until bing ads die!
This is me!
This is a Millionaire!
This is the consultant of Clickbank CEO Matt Hulett
This is the Super Affiliate!
This is the guy who work very hard from moring to night!
and Never Give UP!!!!
You know ,you can’t make big money from neobux.If you want to make real money
,make big money ,I recommend you to join my Lifetime Coach System,you will
100% make money ,I will help you until you make big money!

You also can change your life here http://www.cbceomonopoly.com/coach/





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