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Which Side Are You On?

Which Side Are You On?

So, it’s really almost like a life-and-death struggle of your genes. Are you able to adapt to the post-1995 universe of the world, where porn is basically ubiquitous?

Can you still get the hot girls in that kind of situation, or is this new technology going to suck you into the abyss of not being able to procreate?

Because maybe you can’t not adapt to the new pitfalls in the new environment. And as you know, species go extinct or certain traits in the species go extinct when the environment changes and that species or groups within the species can’t adapt to the new environment.

So you want to be one of those guys that is adapting to modern society.  A guy who can still procreate, be successful genetically in evolution instead of being one of those guys that your lineage is going to be snuffed out because you wasted time watching porn with lack of motivation.

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