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The Chocolate Cake Analogy

The Chocolate Cake Analogy

Another way that porn, really, can sap your drive is I am going to use an analogy with chocolate cake i.e. grandma’s chocolate cake. Grandma makes chocolate cake for you every week. It’s delicious chocolate cake. It’s grandma’s chocolate cake.

So every week  you put on some nice clothes, you get into your car, you drive over to grandma’s house, you say hello to grandma, you talk to grandma, she pulls out the chocolate cake, you take the fork, you put the fork into the cake, you put it up to your mouth and “Mmm….!”- Grandma’s chocolate cake is delicious.

Now your buddy says to you, “Look I have got this awesome machine. You can have all the chocolate cake you want; you can have all the desserts. In fact, you just hook up this machine, these two wires to your brain and it will give you the stimulation of eating desserts”.

So with this machine, you can press a button and you are getting chocolate cake stimulated to your brain. It feels like you’re really experiencing chocolate cake… but directly to the to the pleasure center of your brain! Then you hit another button and now you can get pumpkin pie. And you hit another button and 30 seconds later you can get ice cream and hit another button 30 seconds later you can feel like getting chocolate chip cookies, the most mouth savoring delicious chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever eaten.

And say, you just get desert pleasure for two weeks, non-stop.

And what’s great about this machine is that you don’t have to even expend any time or effort to get the pleasure.

You don’t even have to you put your fork down, up to your mouth and chew. You have to expend calories to do that. You don’t have to go drive to the store, expend gas or pay money for gas. You get it all instantly from this machine.

So what happens?

After two weeks of doing using the machine, Grandma calls you up and says to you, “Hey! Sunny, come on over and eat some chocolate cake with me”.

So you think to yourself, “I should spend some time with grandma. I should eat some real chocolate cake. I should go over there and do my obligation”. But you’ve got to get dressed. You’ve got to get inside the car. You’ve got to buy some gasoline. You’ve got to go over to grandma. You’ve got to say hello. It’s a big production, you think to yourself.

You don’t feel that motivated to do it. It just starts to feel like a hassle. Especially, since you had this machine and since you can get the stimulation right to your brain instantaneously… AND it even tastes BETTER than grandma’s chocolate cake. Because in this machine they had some sciences design what was the perfect tasting chocolate cake for you.

So you just don’t feel like going to see grandma. It’s not fun anymore because the simulation of the machine is more fun.

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