Reasons Why Google Play store may supersede Apple App Store

A user’s choice of mobile apps often depends on his mobile device and operating system. Each user has options to choose from loads of apps to suit his specific needs. Some of these mobile apps are free, whereas others are paid. At the same time, many developers have launched different editions of the same app to target major mobile operating system. But the huge popularity of Apple iOS and Google Android has encouraged many developers and resellers to launch new apps based on these two popular mobile operating systems.

As the first ever app distribution service, iOS App Store was opened by Apple on July 10, 2008. At Apple’s 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference, Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, announced that the app store has over 650,000 apps that can be downloaded by users. On the other hand, Google launched the Android Market, as a global online store, to offer apps for Android devices. Google subsequently renamed the Android Market as Google Play in 2012. According to some reports, Google Play has over 700,000 apps available for Android devices by October 2012.

The estimated figures available online clearly indicate that Google Play has already superseded the Apple App store. Google also implemented a comprehensive strategy to make its app distribution store popular among both users and developers. There are also certain factors like option to return an app within 24 hours and get your money refunded that encourages users to try new Android apps. Also, developers find it easier to build new apps to target the Google mobile operating system as it is an open source platform.

5 Reasons Why Google Play is Growing at a Pace Faster than Apple App Store

1. Number of Free Apps: Most developers want to use apps without incurring any expenses. Many developers also launch the free as well as paid versions of the same app to target different types of users. In comparison to App Store, the Play has a higher number of free apps. But the developer and resellers interested in selling paid apps often target the iOS devices. So a number of reports have highlighted that the Apple store is more paid-app friendly than the Google store. With loads of free apps, Google has been able to attract a large number of users on a regular basis.

2. Return the App and Get Full Refund: Many people hesitate to use the recently launched mobile applications. Similarly, the apps launched by new developers or resellers often take time to attract users. Apple does not allow users to return an application if they are not happy with its features and performance. But users have option to return the apps downloaded from the Google Play within fifteen minutes from the time of download, and get a full refund. However, a user is allowed to return a particular app only once. However, the return and money back offer encourages many people to use the new Android apps.
3. Review Process and Revenue Model: Developers always want to launch and market their apps in a hassle-free way. Most developers also decide an app store based on the company’s review process and revenue sharing model. A number of reports have highlighted that Apple is not kind to the app developers. On the other hand, the terms of the developer distribution agreement ensure that neither Google nor Android can take advantage of the developers. The revenue model and simple app review process further encourages many companies to launch new Android apps, and market these smoothly through Google Play.

4. Frequent Upgrades: Often the upgraded version of a mobile operating system comes with a set of advanced features and functionality. The features further enable developers to incorporate new features in their app to impress the users. In comparison iOS, Android is being upgraded at a much faster pace. As Android is a open source platform, it becomes much easier for developers to take advantage of these new features. On the other hand, many companies hesitate to develop apps to target Apple devices as the iOS is a closed platform. Also, Apple does not upgrade the mobile operating system at a much higher frequency.

5. Restriction on Content: The choice of content varies from one user to another. So each user chooses apps that allow him to access the content of his choice. Apple has imposed restrictions on certain subjects that our society considers as taboo. For instance, despite being a taboo subject, explicit-info is hugely popular among a large section of people. So the people always turn to Google Play to download the apps that enable them to access the content restricted by Apple. Apple has taken an initiative that must be appreciated by all. But the restrictions are giving Android apps an edge, while contributing towards the popularity of Google Play.

However, Google has recently implemented strict guidelines to evaluate the nature and type of the app. Many Android apps are being removed from Google Play due to their inappropriate content. The app review strategy will further contribute towards enhancing the reliability and popularity of Android apps. In such a scenario, choosing the perfect app development company from thousands of sprouting mobile application development companies becomes critical.
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