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Interview for Mr. Right

Interview Questions for Mr. Right

1) For those newcomers in the Warrior Forum who aren’t familiar with you, can you please tell them more about yourself and your business?

Ok, I joined Internet markerting at the end of August ,2008  when I was a student. I skipped classes and studied the internet marketing information how to make money and practice them  all day in dormitory. English is not my first language,so it is not so easy for me to learn the methods how to make money,but I put my heart and my time into this, Finally I have earned my first dollar in october, 2008. It’s just $ 2! Yes it is too little but this $2 made me understand that I can make money online!After that, I have confidence.

$2 is from clicking ads of neobux, it is not easy money, you need to click ads.

I know many guys who earned a lot from neobux,a guy have earned $69k and the other one have earned more that 200k.  neobux has become the ATM for them.

I have found many other easy methods which are suit for newbie and make some money. I have wrote these methods in  one of my wso called “MakemoneyImmediately

However,I was impatient, I can’t wait for that.

I started to learn how to build website and put adsense ads on my website, after about 3 month,I have earned about  $140 from adsense,it is still too little for me 。

I never click the ads in my website by myself,but Google disable my adsense account without any reason later.

I sign up a new one,but I am tired of google adsense.

In the later study on internet,I find clickbank, I bengin to promote clickbank products.    hightest landingpage…

I have become a millionare by promoting clickbank products. Now I am focused on promoting CPA Offers + Mobile Marketing. I advertise and create my own apps to promote Cpa Offers.

2) Please tell me more about your experience in mobile, affiliate and cpa marketing.

3) Why affiliate marketing? Can you actually make money promoting other people’s products? What about mobile app marketing?

4) How did you even get into this industry?

5) What’s the hardest obstacle you had to go through to make real money from cpa marketing?

6) What mindset should one has in order to really become successful as an affiliate marketer?

7) Let’s say a Warrior comes out to you and ask you for a step-by-step blueprint, what would you suggest him/her to do? (This would be the gist of the interview, please make it as value-packed and informative as possible. Thanks! 🙂 )

8) Do you build a list? If so, how hard is it to actually build a list full of subscribers that will stay active, responsive and buy the stuffs you promote?

9) I know this is a hard question but how do you get people to buy your products and stay loyal for as long as possible? As far as I know, there are so many affiliate marketers out there. What makes your promotion and effort so special?

10) It is obvious that you shouldn’t spill too many trade secrets but are they any secrets would you care to share with the audience?

11) Do you build a close bond with your subscribers? If so, how do you do so?

12) Do you work for money or for the joy of working?

13) What do you do with the money you earn? Reinvest into your business or treat yourself to something awesome? How do you balance between them?

14) Anything extra or advice you want to tell the audience?

15) You can promote your newsletter or your latest product here to the audience.

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