I’m new to the forum but have been working online for several years.
Since 2011 I have put a lot of time into Facebook and wanted to share some of what I have found along the way.

Method to generate a part time income using Facebook and create pages with 1000’s of genuine likes in a few days.

This is a technique I have used for years and works perfectly.


To build a good network on facebook is the first most important thing, no point in even thinking about advertising unless you have this (unless you want to go down the paid ad route)

1: Decide what gender you want your pages to be targeted at.

When first setting out decide who you would like to market at, I generally choose females, for some reason they seem to “like” and “share” more than men, plus when the time comes they spend more then men. I could be wrong but this seems to be the case.

The reason I say decide which gender is pages grow quicker and easier if gender targeted. Plus when promoting products further down the line it leads to better conversions.

Loads of other factors to think about as well, what works for women don’t work for men and vice versa.

2: Create Profiles + Groups.

Before I start the main page, I create profiles and groups. For example, if I were to set up a page which was “make-up related” I would create several female profiles first then build the profiles up to around 500 friends each, on these profiles never post photos, just a few lines of text each day related the gender you are targeting. (Just text generally gets seen a lot more then photos do, don’t know why but it does)
, Once the profiles have a good few hundred friends in each then set up a group which will be related to the page you want to set up.

For instance, say you wanted to set up a make-up page, then set up a similar group to add your profile friends to.

(Please note for this to work successfully it’s advised that you keep notes and use proxies, I also get free simcards whenever I can so I can created phone verified accounts)

So if it was for makeup, you would post handy hints and useful info into the groups, within days people will be adding their friends and you will have tons of people to promote a new page to, all in the same demographic as people who would like the page anyway.
(easily found from google)

Within a few weeks you should have a couple of groups with several thousand members in each one. All the time you are building up profiles and adding more to the group.

3. Making a page 

Once you have a couple of groups and large “mainly female” profiles , now is the time to build a page. This will be your master page where you promote your other pages from.

Making the the page:
As I’ve used makeup related stuff for the purpose of this, lets say the page is called “Makeup Tips”
Set the page up using non-copyrighted material and make around 5 posts, ask questions in the posts, always try and engage people as much as possible with every post you make.
Once the page and posts are done then take a trip to

On fiverr find a gig where you can get a few hundred bot likes to make the page look like it has a following.

Then using the profiles you set up before share the content from the new page.
If you have 5 posts on the page then share one post from one profile.
Providing the posts are engaging, this should give each post a few likes and shares each.

4. Growing your page

If all the above is done correctly you should now have a page with a few hundred likes, most of which being bot likes.
The next step is to invite your friends to your new page from the profiles you have made, only invite 100 per day per profile or facebook may get suspicious.
Then make a post about your new page and post in the groups you made and pin to the top.

The above techniques should bring you in several hundred new likes daily.

5. Cheap Ad’s for you page

Once your page is growing, still pay attention to the groups you set up, these are all part of the cheap ad’s.
Before starting to create an ad campaign for your page, download the chrome ap “power editor” this enables you to promote to custom audiences.

Then use a cheap id scraper to gather all the ID’s from the groups to create your custom audience to promote the page to.

When you have a custom audience set up you can use that for your ad’s.
Make each custom audience around 5k using ID’s from your groups or other similar groups.

Then set your ad’s as cpm (Not CPC) this means you will be paying your suggested bid (around 0.05) everytime the ad is displayed 1000 times.

We already know the people who will be seeing the ad are perfect for your page, you could be getting likes from as little as 0.001 each.

I normally spend around $2 per day on an ad campaign for likes.

6 Growing a mammoth page

Using the above techniques within a couple of months you should have a page with at least 100,000 likes, providing the content is good, likeable and shareable and gender specific.

When your page is at this level, make a simple webpage to say what the page is about, very little ad’s and NO SPAM. The page is just there to reassure your likers, stick up a donationg box for charity or something like that.
(Ive lost big pages or killed large pages from posting spam or trying to make a quick buck)

7 Making Money

Once you have a master page which is high engaging and gender specific, now is the time to start making money.
This can be done by making other pages which are similar to your main page and sharing from your main page.
You can make a new page and have 5k plus real likes within 24 hours using this method.

Then grow the other pages for a couple of weeks then bomb them with ad’s or use them to create email lists for future marketing.

Using the above method I have a network of over 25 female related pages with a huge following. I have had 1k days from these pages, plus have several email lists with over 100k in, all from face book.

I have attached some proof of earnings and page insights.

Good Luck,,,,

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