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daftdog;8964795 wrote:

mrrightme is a genious when it comes to making money and holds nothing back…if i was having such great success i dont know if i would be so kind as to share the information….

mrrightme;9054234 wrote:

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rhaley;8869580 wrote:

Here’s a big thank you to mrrightme for uploading Cpa10k Pro 4.0 to the warriorplus downloadlink…You Rock! (and that’s a good thing)

Cpa10k has updated to 4.0

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Does your WSO cover optimization details? For example: winning offer, mobile ad network you use, device (brand & model) targeting, and carrier targeting which bring the best result.

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chrisuchi;8752879 wrote:

in summary, what is this method all about? you briefly expain well, not so digested due to lack of communication by the creator, so bro, help potential buyers with a clear explanation what this method is all about

Hi,buddy,sorry for the late reply,I went to travel.

The main method of this wso is using mobile traffic to

promote mobile cpa offers.

Why I added some other things to this wso?

Because,many newbies who don’t have any advertising experience sent pms to me to ask a method which can make money for them immediately,I updated for them again and again,give out many methods which bring me up from newbie to millionaire.

Notice and Update:


If you still ignore the secret of super affiliates (cloaking)

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1. First time to reveal my method of how to test cpa offers!

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Is Adwords Dead For Affiliate Marketing?

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Google just makes life for affiliate marketers complicated,

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I promise I will help you make money with cpa offers via mobile.

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“So… Mrright !How about the cost when we burn money on testing offers?”

You Don’t need to Burn Money On Testing Your Cpa offers like others!

A.You can follow my Hot Cpa offers which are tested by myself.
I send hot offers to you about once a week,it depend on my testing.

B.In fact,now I don’t burn money on testing offers after I got the MAM which

is develped by my employees.

My apps with different names are testing cpa

offers for me!

Here Is Part of Content You Will
Find In The Cpa10k

(I will continue to update cpa10k!)

[LEFT]1.A Method Called “Make Money Immediately.pdf”[/LEFT]

[LEFT]I will show you a clickbank secret of mine. You can use this method to earn [/LEFT]

[LEFT]your first pot of money.You don’t need to spend any money on advertising.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]If you have a computer you can make it.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]It is So Easy Even An Idiot Can Do it![/LEFT]

[LEFT]2.Mobile Traffic + Cpa Offers[/LEFT]


[LEFT]3. POf Guide+Case study[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Make money with pof, make $1000+ is easy. [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Running an ad campaign refer to my tutorial of POF,Copy the case study![/LEFT]

[LEFT]It is easy enough that even the most novice of affiliates can[/LEFT]

[LEFT]make it into a successful venture with a little knowledge and elbow grease![/LEFT]

[LEFT]4. Facebook+Cpa [/LEFT]



1.Mobile App Maker
You just need sleep and your apps will make money and test offers for you.
Easy to use for Newbies.

The Most Important thing is that I will continue to update these methods and case studies.

I will send my case study to cpa10k’s customers.

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